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Core package including twelve treatments/sessions for £1395

To include:

• A comprehensive client questionnaire. This will be sent to you prior to any treatment/consultation to complete. This ensures that the NNC team have the most relevant information from you initially.

• An assessment consultation for you with one of our leading osteopaths at the NNC
(one hr). During this consultation there will be time to discuss the information you have provided in your questionnaire further and for an initial structural assessment.

• A tailored plan of twelve treatments/consultations at the NNC. The NNC team will meet to discuss your case and devise the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

• A ‘case co-ordinator’. The case co-ordinator assigned to you will be one of your therapists and will contact you to discuss your treatment plan and advise you on booking appointments. This will be your personal contact at the NNC and you are welcome to discuss your plan/progress/treatments with your case co-coordinator at any time.

• twelve treatments/consultations at the NNC as detailed in your treatment plan.

• A “mid-term” progress review undertaken by your NNC team of therapists. This will take place after the first six treatments/consultations to establish whether any changes to the remaining sessions should be recommended. Your case co-ordinator will contact you to discuss this.

• A final progress review. Following the final treatment/consultation in your treatment plan your case co-ordinator will review your progress with the NNC team and will contact you to recommend any future action.

To enable you to continue your treatment with the NNC if you wish, follow-on packages are available:

  • four sessions - £420
  • six sessions - £615
  • eight sessions - £810
  • ten sessions - £1000

The facility to pay for treatment packages by instalments is available, please enquire for further information.

Certain conditions apply to cancellations to cover our costs, see this page.