all from real clients of NNC practitioners

"I had intense pelvic pain in the last few weeks of my second pregnancy. I was finding hard to walk and couldn’t lift or be as mobile as I wanted to be with my daughter. I had acupuncture to help the pain as well as to prepare me for labour. I immediately felt more relaxed and finally had relief from the pain. I carried on treatment until my due date and felt it helped the birth which went much more smoothly than the first and the post-natal recovery was quicker and more comfortable."
"I had my first child via IVF and came for acupuncture to help me after my daughter’s birth. I felt low and just had no energy. I soon feel much better and then would just come in and have a session whenever I had an issue such as back pain or hay fever. When my daughter was about 14 months old to my surprise I became pregnant naturally! I’m sure acupuncture had something to do with it and I carried on having treatment to relive my morning sickness and then to make sure I had a better labour than before which I did."
"I had had morning-sickness before…but this time it was worse. I was vomiting 4-8 times a day and could hardly keep anything down. I was eating very little and was worried that I might have to take time off work. Coinciding with commencing acupuncture my nausea and vomiting were reduced significantly and seemed better than at the same stage in my other pregnancies when I had no acupuncture. I had tried many other remedies in my last two pregnancies with little success…acupuncture is the first thing that really helped me."
“ I never knew having a baby was going to be as complicated as it is. No one really talks about the difficult parts so you are left feeling a bit mad a lot of the time. Having someone to talk to about those things without being worried about what they are going to think of you has been brilliant. I must admit I was sceptical in the beginning and thought only really crazy people went to talk about their problems but now I know that everyone, no matter what the problem, can benefit from a little one on one time with a therapist! Counselling is something I do for myself and I realise that I can be better for my husband and my baby because of it.”
A converted skeptic
It's nice to go somewhere where diff therapists can communicate between themselves on a professional level about me and my needs. That can only enhance the treatment I get from everyone. This way of working has also been great with the care of my baby son.
(Anna - osteopathic, homeopathic and acupuncture patient)
"Having tried to get pregnant for two years it wasn't until I went to Natural Natal Centre that I realised how important it was to get your body and mind in the right condition for pregnancy. I was full of toxins from the pill, stress and alcohol and I wasn't eating properly, no wonder I couldn't get pregnant. Thanks to Malgosia, Kate and the team my habits have changed completely, their holistic approach has worked wonders. My feminine health has improved as my cycles became more regular and heavier greatly helped by homeopathic remedies, I am much calmer as a result of acupuncture and reflexology and I am eating well for the first time in a long time. Having successfully conceived on my first round of IVF, I am now 17 weeks pregnant with twin boys and enjoying a healthy pregnancy.
“ Counselling was the best thing I could have done for myself while going through the IVF process. IVF was the most intense experience I ever had and I felt very alone throughout it. Holli was an incredible support and without her I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all. I would highly recommend anyone going through IVF to be sure to have counselling alongside. There are so many ups and downs and no one should have to go through it alone.”

"I was first recommended to see Malgosia in 2008. I had suffered from endometriosis since being diagnosed aged 23. I had been on the pill since then to control my symptoms and after 10 years I wanted to try a more natural approach. Malgosia has been helping me since this time to control my symptoms through homeopathy. I had always hoped to have a family at some point, but I was warned when I was initially diagnosed, that I might have difficulty falling pregnant, especially as I got older. But last September, aged 37, I was delighted to discover I was pregnant. Malgosia continued to support me with homeopathy and supplements through the pregnancy and my beautiful daughter, Lily, was born 4 months ago. I truly feel that without Malgosia's help, Lily wouldn't be here today and I will always be extremely grateful."
“Homeopathy has helped me enormously with pregnancy side effects like back pain, anxiety during the night and insomnia, heartburn and haemorrhoids. It also helped balance my sugar cravings - which were making me suffer from recurring thrush. On another note, I was very please with the effect homeopathy remedies had on my inner confidence and my ability to express my feelings and communicate with others. It helped me feel secure and confident. Thank you Malgosia!!”
At the age of 34 I never expected to get pregnant so quickly. I feel I owe a lot to homeopathy with Malgosia for preparing me so well. Now I have a beautiful 12 week old baby who’s contentment and good health I am sure has much to do with homeopathic remedies she has been giving him.”
It took me four years, 3 failed IUIs and one failed IVF before I fell pregnant naturally with a beautiful, baby girl. My husband and I had “unexplained infertility” and without the help and support mentally and physically from NNC, I don’t think I could have pulled through. Doctors work on percentages, ratios, worst-case-scenarios; however no matter how dire my circumstances seemed, Hannah, Kate and Malgosia had case studies, patients and experiences that calmed my mind, body and soul. They gave me hope when I didn’t think there was any left. They helped me get through very dark moments and very happy one’s. And their invaluable support in pre-conception and pregnancy, extended to post pregnancy, ensuring I had all the nutrients I needed to stay healthy for baby and me. I am, and forever will be, their biggest fan!
- Lisa from London
Life as a young family can be challenging, both physically as well as emotionally. Homeopathy has helped all of us cope with these challenges, whether before during and after pregnancy, the children’s constant coughs and colds, psoriasis…